Album Review: Washed Out- Paracosm

IMG_0576Paracosm, the latest album by Washed Out, for me was a transition from the blazing heat of August to the soothing chill of September and October, as the season gets closer to the frost biting, face hurting cold of the winter months.

Instead of overpowering the album, Paracosm’s smooth, non-defining basslines give the listener a feeling of shimmering colors and bright sounds- first apparent in the It All Feels Right track. The dreamy vocals that start in this track carry on throughout the cycle of the album, as distorted lyrics swim over layers of melody.

Don’t Give Up, one of the best tracks, is perfectly punchy and catchy- gives the album a playful kick: reminding the listener of those lighthearted summer days. Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out, is again showing his love for inarticulate lyrics in this track.

The flawless flow of the album is depicted in the transition from Weightless to All I Know, the other strong tracks on the album. All I Know synthesizes the echoing vocals with sparkling effects, creating a euphoric atmosphere- as if you are back in a moment when you reacted to something with complete awe. Echoes are a repeating trend in Paracosm, and are significant to Washed Out. As the album progresses, you also find yourself on a journey along with it. Great Escape’s beats progress into the album’s title track, Paracosm- as we sense more of a defined bassline, completing the song into its dreamy, esthetic and tasty whole. This album is meant to be lighthearted yet sensual, and hazy yet dazzling.

The listener is left with a blissful feeling- craving for more.

Although the album is best if you listen to the whole flow, there are still some favorite songs on the album:

*This post was written in response to the “Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved By Music.” Here is a link to the challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/weekly-writing-challenge-music/#more-45438

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