Late Night Tales- Bonobo; Album of the Week

Late Night Tales is a series of albums that collaborates with many top artists to create perfect late night mixes. The latest curation is by Bonobo- with one song by him. Simon Green thought of this album as more of a playlist and a selection. According to this Resident Advisor article, Green chose from songs that he has been playing at his home “over the past 15-20 years.”

Most of the tracks in the album flow very well together, giving you a floating sensation through its nocturnal, late night vibe.

Although, like I say all the time, you must listen to the full album to get the whole groove of it- here are some of my favorites:

Get Thy Bearings by Bonobo, a Donovan cover

Hedron by the Canadian band Badbadnotgood

Wings by The Invisible, a Floating Points Remix (sample)

A Calf In Winter by KhruangBin (sample)


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