Music Lovers Respond (MLR) – A Question About Music Genres

Music genres are becoming increasingly complicated and constructed. We are confused about how genres give birth to other (sub)genres and who decides which musician should be considered in a certain genre. We don’t even know what many genres correspond to.  

I asked some friends about their opinions on music genres.

S (who is classically trained in piano) : The variety of genres allows more depth and complexity in music. I think, however, people can listen to music and just appreciate it, without  looking at the genre. Sub-genres are important in specifying broad genres of music, such as pop. Variety in genres is especially useful for writing music. Each person has their own way of labeling and categorizing their own music.

T: It can be overwhelming. However, we’re connecting many different cultures and music styles together- making something new and beautiful.

M: I think the nature of genres come from the human need to categorize and label things. In some cases music genres are necessary, but they can also be very limiting. Some music cannot easily be categorized into a specific genre. My friends’ band  Kids These Days, for instance, strived to break the limits that music genres create. They refused to fit their music into the constricting walls of a genre. I prefer music that blends different genres, or breaks the limits of genres.

Note: Kids These Days was a Chicago based band that was formed by a group of high school friends who toured the U.S. post-high school years, ended up breaking up because of a clash of interests. Interestingly, although Kids These Days had strived to break the boundaries that music genres create, they ended up breaking up because half of the band was heavily interested in jazzy, groovy tunes, while the main vocal was heavily leaning towards rap and hip-hop. They parted their ways earlier this fall, a few members of the band formed another one called Marrow, and Vic Mensa went on to make  solo music. Here is a song from Kids These Days:

Talk 2 You, from their Traphouse Rock album

Aaaand here is the teaser for Marrow’s upcoming 2 song EP called TWO, coming out 12/19/13!! 

So psyched. For Marrow’s Facebook page click here.


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