Album Review: Cage The Elephant- Melophobia

The alternative rock band Cage The Elephant found in Kentucky released their third studio album, Melophobia, fear of music, this October. Continuing their garage band, alternative sound, Cage The Elephant succeeded in producing an album that is persistent yet alive and explosive. The opening song, Spiderhead, brings a gritty, rocky sense to the album that ties into one of the strongest tracks: Come A Little Closer. This track has the catchy quality of a lively, emotive, alternative rock song, embracing the sound of the genre. This song ties to one of my favorites, Telescopewhich is lyrically stronger than most of the other songs on this LP. In this track the listener gets introduced to a clearer, indie rock vocal that we are so familiar with. This song is more tender compared to the first two, but has interesting twists toward the end- where the vocals turn into chanting as they call out the lyrics.

The next song, It’s Just Forever, is not one my favorites, as it just sounds like they tried too hard. However, I cannot skip to mention the way Take It or Leave It links perfectly into the album- with their playful chorus that has impressive vocal shifts that set the song in an interesting melody. Halo, is any song you have ever listened to in any indie alternative rock band album- but is also fun, alive, and makes you feel in the moment. Black  Widow, favorite track for many listeners, did not impress me as much as some of the other tracks. Yes, it’s punchy and maybe catchy, but it’s too lo-fi for my taste and makes my ears hurt as Matthew Schultz is screaming the lyrics into my ears.

I’m most thrilled about the track Hypocrite, which has engaging instrumental switches and movements, and progresses in a way that makes me swing my head from side to side as I jam to it. The chorus reminds me of some The Killers songs, again sort of yelling at the listener- which in this case, works perfectly. I absolutely love this track. The next track, Teeth, actually breaks the consistency of the album and takes the listener on a journey temporarily digressed from anything else, and shows us a new, experimental side of Cage The Elephant. This track is layered with murky and dirty cacophony of lo-fi sounds- adding a different twist to the album.

The final song of the LP, Cigarette Daydreams, is one of my favorites- although the transition from Teeth to this song is a little unsettling, this song brings a lighter, more blissful feeling to the listener- it’s passionate, fresh, and gentle to the ears. Maybe not the strongest of endings for an album, Cigarette Daydreams still leaves the listener with wanting more. In my case, the build up of Melophobia made me want to listen to the whole album over and over again.

You can try out this LP by listening to my favorite tracks below, but as always, listening to the whole album front to back is the only way to get the whole experience. (I added the link to the youtube full album, so you can listen to it for free!)


And the full album:


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