Something In The Air- Maya Jane Coles (Bonobo Remix)

MJC is called the queen of “deep house,” and has remixed Bonobo’s First Fires this past year. This time, Bonobo remixed MJC’s hit track, Something In the Air. I suggest loud listening with good quality headphones or sound system.

If you’re interested in music mixing or house music- or your interest gets spiked up once in a while like me- Maya Jane Coles might be good to follow. The video below is MJC’s Boiler Room DJ Set, a concept I learned just now. Boiler Room  is a way to connect online-streaming, web-cams, and concerts to each other: it aims to give the DJs the freedom to choose tracks without getting affected by the public’s mood- as if the DJ is playing in his/her own home. This why Boiler Room sets usually have the DJ facing his/her back to a tiny tiny exclusive group of people while mixing music- and the music is recorded and shown LIVE somewhere else. I think Boiler Room sets are usually aired live. The video below is not for everyone (including me) as it requires a specific setting like a night club and not when you’re at your basement room on a Tuesday night, drinking tea…


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