Clash of the Albums; Mac Demarco- Salad Days vs. 2

Mac Demarco is a full package with his whimsical persona, his gap-toothed smirk, and his chill sound.

Mac Demarco’s distinct persona was first portrayed in his breakout record, 2, in 2012- although it is the second album he dropped in the same year. 2 has some funky songs such as Cooking Up Something Good, and songs with catchy riffs like Freaking Out the Neighborhood. My favorite song on this album, My Kind of Woman, is dominated by beautiful, twangy electro guitar and lyrics that could be seen as overused but apply to many people nonetheless. In general, this record is nothing but pleasant and care-free.

Released on April 1, 2014- Mac Demarco in his latest album has kept his overall care-free feel, with songs like Blue Boy and lyrics such as “honey, that’s the way the world goes.” This album is a continuation of his eccentric persona with comforting vocal delivery and clear guitar melodies. The track Brother, one of the most capturing of the album, gives off that slowbro feeling in its lyrics “take it slowly, brother…” and makes you want to slowly exhale all the air in your lungs and stop thinking about anything that worries you.

My absolute favorite on this album, Passing Out Pieces, is perhaps one of the only songs where you can hear Mac Demarco’s actual concerns about life and has more of a dark tinge to it- with captivating synths. Passing out pieces of me… Although I’ve been listening to this song religiously these past few weeks, the moment I felt the song get through to me was 4 am on a Saturday after an energizing night and I was finally at home. Other good tracks include Treat Her Better, and Chamber of Reflections.

There are some problems with Salad Days, one of which is that perhaps the tracks’ progress is somewhat homogenous. Other than a couple of songs that really stand out- the rest is very uniformly linked to each other- almost making it dull to listen to the record front to back more than a couple of times. The other problem with this album is that it didn’t really improve on the 2012 album, 2. Although is a really great, chill album- I felt like Salad Days album kept not just a similar vibe but the exact same vibe.

I appreciated the quirky little note Mac Demarco (a.k.a Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV) leaves to the listeners in the end of the last track of the album- which I will leave you with too:

“Hey guys this is Mac, thank you for joining me, see you again soon. Bye-bye.” 



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