Album Highlight – Jogar, by Souleance

Souleance is a French DJ & Producer duo who bonded over their differences. Soulist is the owner of a night club in Paris called What the Funk – where he freely DJs his favorite music – Funk, Latin, Disco, and everything Soul. Fulgeance, on the other hand, is the producer and remixer side of the duo, and has an undying love for electronic and hiphop.. and electronic hip hop.

The good thing here is – these men were able to realize their best musical traits, and smash them together to create amazing mixes. So, in short, their music is latin, funk, jazzy electro goodness (they dropped the Hip Hop side of things).

I first came across Souleance in La Boulangerie, vol. 3 (La Fine équipe & Friends), a compilation album full of international electronic music (overall, there are a few gems, but it’s not a compilation to spend too much ear-time on.) The song on there became one of the duo’s most popular – Jazz et Thé Vert. Which, of course, I ruined for myself because I obsessively listened to it for weeks.

The one issue with Souleance is that their sound usually takes turns that are too sharp for my ears – the songs can get repetitive, moody, weird, and even annoying.

But when I dug deep as one would at a thrift store searching for that one pair of vintage Levi’s jeans – I came across an esthetically pleasing, wondrous little electro Latin album that they produced a few years back. I’m pretty certain that some songs are in Portuguese, and are so fun and summery and dance-worthy.

Seriously, you’ll move your body parts to this mini album, Jogar, by Souleance.


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